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Year 2020
May 2020

The Cost of Inaction: Secondary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in Asia-Pacific


Key findings from the report include:

  • Heart attacks are rising among younger people across the Asia-Pacific markets examined.
  • Heart disease is costing the Asia-Pacific markets USD 46.3 billion (estimated across Australia, mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand).
  • CVD policies do exist in some form in all economies studied, however there is substantial room for improvement.
  • Policies on modifiable risk factors exist, but the success of translating these into legislation and action, along with measuring impact, remains to be defined.
  • Only one market (Australia) has implemented a comprehensive secondary prevention of CVD public health awareness campaign.
  • Clinical practice guidelines for CVD secondary prevention, heart attack and stroke, vary substantially across economies.
  • Government audits are lacking. Only two study economies have any form of audit in place.
  • Integrated primary care systems are still emerging in many Asian economies, and in many cases, patient uptake of services remains low.