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August 2018

Global Week for Action on NCDs (3-9 Sept)


With the digital world switched on to talk about NCDs, the first Global Week for Action on NCDs – from 3 to 9 September – will provide everyone, everywhere the opportunity to mobilise on the ground in the lead-up to the HLM on NCDs, under the theme ENOUGH. Our Health. Our Right. Right Now.

This will be a global opportunity to talk to each other, to leaders, to media, to crowds, to the world about what works well and what needs to change to ensure a transition from commitment to tangible actions that not only yield reportable improvements in NCD targets and outcomes, but result in the improvement of health and lives of all people in all places.

The opportunities are endless. Possible activities include organising a meeting, community conversation, picnic, fun run, dance party, or art competition. The week is your chance to do something achievable, appropriate, relevant and impactful where you live, but linked to a global movement.

Please also encourage your government to develop a dedicated cardiovascular disease action plan (if one is not in place already), as part of a broader non-communicable disease strategy.

  • It’s time to say ENOUGH
  • It’s time to celebrate progress and leadership
  • It’s time to move from commitment to action
  • It’s Time to Deliver action on NCDs

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