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July 20 2016 APHN AGM
June 6 2016 APSC - APHN Joint Symposium at WCC 2016
June 5 2016 APHN Annual Meeting in Mexico
June 4 -7 2016 World Congress of Cardiology
March 2016 APHN Collaborative Advocacy Efforts: Letter to the Hon’ble Health Minister, reiterating the critical importance of pictorial health warnings.
Sept. 29 2015 World Heart Day
May 13 2015 APHN Collaborative Advocacy Efforts - Success on Amendments of the Chinese Advertising Law on banning tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship in China
APHN Letter to Chinese State Council
Chinese Advertising Law

Welcome to APHN

The Asia Pacific Heart Network (APHN) was founded in 1997 and currently consists of organization members throughout the Asia Pacific Region in 16 countries. APHN is a member of the World Heart Federation and is a non-profit organization. The “Network” is a federation of Heart Foundations and Associations of the Asia-Pacific Region, and its collective mission is to eliminate disability and death from cardiovascular diseases in the Asia Pacific Region.